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Our aim at Inground Trampolines is to ensure our customers and future customers have complete support before, during and after. Please take the time to find the information you need and if your’e still unsure, send us an email or give us a call.

Here at Inground Trampolines we offer a warranty period of:



Pad & Jump Mat

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IGT frame made of?

Both sized IGT systems use the same 15 gauge galvanised, powder coated steel frame, corrugated, galvanised, powder coated steel wall panels and all stainless steel hardware.

What is the IGT frame/spring pad made of?

We use American made, pre-galvanised 8.5 x 1 1/8 inch springs. Our 12’ IGT system has 96 springs and our 15’ IGT system has 120 springs, the highest spring counts in the industry.

What is the size of the jump mat?

The 12’ IGT system has a 10 foot jump mat and the 15’ IGT system has a 13 foot jump mat.

What is the maximum jumper weight?


How long does it take to receive the trampoline?

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How do you winterise the IGT system?

The IGT systems are designed to withstand all climates and conditions. We do not recommend taking the system apart for the winter. The IGT system can be used all winter long. We do recommend clearing snow from the jump surface especially if a cover is used to avoid stretching the springs.  Do not use a shovel as the jump surface can be damaged, a broom of leaf blower work great.

What size and shape trampolines do you offer?

Our In-Ground Trampoline (IGT) system is offered in a 12 foot and 15 foot round model.


Click to Download our IGT Maintenance Guide here:

Will the IGT system work with a safety net enclosure?

A netting system can be adapted to the IGT system using an adapter kit that bolts to the steel walls of our system. This does require some basic mechanical skills and tools.

What effect does the in-ground system have on the bounce?

The IGT system is designed to let the air escape through the gap between the frame the jump mat where the springs are located. Our safety pads covering the springs and frame are designed to lift on each bounce allowing the air to escape. Our high quality jump mat and spring count ensure great bounce

What are the warranty policies?
Frame 10 year
Springs 3 year
Pad and jump mat 1 year
Are there replacement parts available?

We do carry a complete line of replacement parts. We offer these parts to our customers at a great discount which can be shipped immediately.

What are your shipping policies?

Our IGT system can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. for $250. The system comes in 4 boxes totaling approximately 330lbs. Shipping rates outside the U.S. depend on location and tax implications. Price quotes are available upon request.

What about drainage concerns?

We recommend the IGT system to be installed 2-4 inches above the ground, burming the soil up to the edge of the trampoline. This will keep water from flowing into the pit in the event of heavy rain while maintaining a flush mount appearance. Depending on your local soil conditions, you may opt to put a few inches of gravel in the bottom of the pit creating a sump effect to prevent standing water.

How do I go about excavating the pit?

Some customers dig their own hole; others opt for day labourers or local excavators to dig the pit. Other options include renting excavating equipment, hiring landscaper or pool builders for excavation and/or install. It is always recommended to contact the local utility companies to mark hidden utilities before digging.

How many people and how long does it take to assemble the system?

It takes 2 adults less than 2 hours to assemble the trampoline. Once the pit is ready, 3-4 adults to lower the system into place is recommended.


Installation service

If you’ve already purchased an inground trampoline and would like us to arrange installation for you, please contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 652 076.

Manual installation

Whether you are a novice, a DIY specialist or an experienced tradesperson, installing an Inground Trampoline is as simple as digging a hole, assembling the trampoline and back-filling soil. Inground Trampolines has just three frame components – upper tube segments, lower tube segments and easy-to-handle wall panels. All parts are smoothly finished with no sharp edges.

  • No complicated assembly techniques
  • No retaining wall required.
  • No concrete to mix and pour
  • No timber parts to rot
  • No potential for the trampoline pit to cave in