Our Inground Trampolines

Extra Large – 12ft

3.6 metres

Inground Trampoline


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Find out why families are choosing us

Jumbo – 15ft

4.5 metres

Inground Trampoline


Find out why families are choosing us

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Pad & Jump Mat

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Premium springs

The springs of Inground Trampolines were specifically made with a focus on the same quality and performance as our frame. Our 220mm tapered, American made springs really performs. They are pre-galvanised for ultimate corrosion resistance. The 15′ has 120 springs, which is the highest spring count in the industry for a comparable size trampoline.

High quality fabric

The jump surface is another component that sets Inground Trampolines apart from conventional trampolines. We use a high quality polypropylene sport weave mat with 15 times better airflow! This allows the jump mat to respond quicker, which improves performance.

Superior long lasting frame

Both sized IGT systems use the same 15 gauge galvanised, powder coated steel frame, corrugated, galvanised, powder coated steel wall panels and all stainless steel hardware.

Anti-slip jump mat

Inground Trampoline’s frame/spring pad were specifically designed and is much different than conventional pads. The first and most important element of this component is safety. That is why we made it much wider, not only completely covering the springs and frame but extending out 75mm over the outside edge of the frame ensuring the metal surfaces are never exposed even if the pad shifts. The second most important element is longevity, which is why we use high quality, UV resistant vinyl top and a heavy-duty breathable mesh bottom. This surrounds our 25mm high-density closed cell foam core. Heavy duty reinforced tie straps hold the pad in place.

Safer bouncing

Combining all the features of Inground Trampolines together gives Australian families one of the safest trampolines going around. With a properly installed inground trampoline for vertical jumping and safety mats to ensure no injuries, we promise you are sure to have fun and peace of mind!

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Extra Large – 12ft

3.6 metres
Frame dimensions 3680mm Diameter x 880mm High
Jump mat diameter 3140mm
Weight 145kg
Spring count 96
Spring Length 165mm
Maximum jumper weight 120kg
Price $1590

Jumbo – 15ft

4.5 metres
Frame dimensions 4580mm Diameter x 880mm High
Jump mat diameter 4040mm
Weight 175kg
Spring count 120
Spring Length 220mm
Maximum jumper weight 120kg
Price $1990