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About Us

Inground trampolines have become increasingly popular throughout backyards Australia Wide, they are a fun and safe feature that all the family can enjoy in their own backyard with a range of benefits.

Safety is our primary concern

Increasing child safety was our primary motivation for designing and developing the inground trampoline. Importantly, our inground trampolines are purposely designed to be installed into the ground. Above-ground trampolines are not designed or suited for this purpose. The Monash Injury Research Institute (2013) also claims more than 97% of trampoline-related hospital admissions are caused by trampoline falls. Having your trampoline at ground level significantly reduces the chance of injury.

Good for your family’s health and wellbeing

Inground trampolines offer an attractive and fun alternative to sedentary activity and provide a range of significant health benefits. NASA experiments (Journal of Applied Physiology 1980) discovered 10 minutes of bouncing on a trampoline is a more efficient cardio workout than 30 minutes of running. Trampolining is one of the most entertaining forms of exercise children can have in their backyard and is recognised for assisting in developing confident body movement both on and off the ground, building body strength and more!

Constructed using ONLY quality materials

Our high quality trampolines are constructed from 15-gauge, powder coated, galvanised steel to ensure they are safe and strong for years to come. The components we use are durable and are carefully packaged for easy transportation and assembly. The powder-coated, corrugated steel frame of our trampoline is rust resistant and is designed to last. The patented, circular-designed frame and wall system also eliminates the possibility of collapse because external forces are balanced around the perimeter of the trampoline.

Easy setup and installation

An Inground Tramponline is easily installed as a weekend project. The inground trampoline is delivered by courier and includes all the components and tools customers will require for complete installation. There is no need to construct a retaining wall, no concrete to mix and pour and it is delivered as a complete kit which not only includes all tools and fittings but also an easy-to-follow instruction manual.